About us

Leia Darla Davies

A born and bred East London creative and mother, painting and drawing about her own human experiences in her neurodivergent, inquisitive, rose-tinted, sceptical oxymoron of a world. Sometimes feeling pain, passion and compassion in excruciating extremes, Leia often tries to release and describe these emotions on canvas.

Beyond the surface, Leia's artworks delve into socio-political layers, often concealed beneath picturesque portraiture and figurative imagery that hint at darker realities.

Frequently drawing from East London's landscapes like Epping Forest and urban lakes, and landmarks close to her heart, Leia infuses her pieces with nostalgic memories while shedding light on the shadowy, lesser-known aspects of these areas.

Her art serves as a voice for the times, fearlessly tackling taboo subjects, challenging the norm, and advocating for social change, all while championing unity and the power of creative collaboration.

Driven by her passion for community outreach, Leia conducts diverse workshops tailoured to uplift sectors that benefit most from creative engagement. Her creativity, compassion, and infinite vision enable her to craft unique workshops across various mediums and sectors.

Through partnerships with charities and active participation in art, exhibitions, and charity events, Leia ensures her art not only captivates with its strong concepts and striking visuals but also contributes meaningfully to positive change in the world.